Build an In-House Predictive Modeling Centre of Excellence

Drive Your Analytics Evolution; Gain the Wisdom and Foundation You Need to Build a Predictive Center of Excellence

More demand for analytic insights means more business benefits, but it also means management and oversight become more complex, and analytic teams often get stuck at descriptive stage unable to move to the high-value predictive stage.

Years of implementation learnings from RXP and Alteryx have been consolidated into this whitepaper to provide you with the wisdom you need to develop a Predictive Center of Excellence (CoE), and take the next steps in your analytic journey.

In this paper learn how to:

Lay the ground work to build trust, collaboration and find analytic value
Establish guiding principles to ask the right questions, comply with governance requirements and quantify ROI
Develop operational process that help define and curate the right datasets, build the right models, and help business users use the analytic solutions you build

Move beyond basic BI and break into business value finding insights, download the white paper to begin your journey.

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