Automation Anywhere Enterprise RPA Platform

The RPA Platform for the Future of Business Process Automation

Automation Anywhere Enterprise is the only business process automation platform built for every facet of the Digital Workforce.

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Automation Anywhere’s digital workforce portfolio facilitates all aspects of an organization’s automation lifecycle. Enterprise A2019 forms the RPA foundation, where both attended and unattended bots are created, managed and easily enhanced by pluggable programming code and AI technologies. Architected from the ground up to deliver the first-ever purely web-based user experience, Enterprise A2019 offers businesses the choice between on-premise versus cloud deployment. It is the first platform that offers RPA-as-a-Service as a turnkey automation solution for businesses of all sizes.
Enterprise A2019’s web-based browser removes the need for local installation and maintenance of software. And Enterprise A2019 is OS-agnostic, offering platform freedom on either Linux or Windows. For infrastructure, Enterprise A2019 can be run on-prem, on a private cloud, or run on a public cloud, such as Azure, AWS, IBM, Google Cloud, and more. The cloud-based design provides further benefit of a zero-footprint, low-maintenance environment that scales quickly and nearly infinitely while being extremely cost-effective.
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Why Get Automation Anywhere with CRG?

CRG has the rich experience of end-to-end RPA and AI platform and expertise in Automation Anywhere architecture to quickly help you automate any business process with intelligent automation solutions.

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