Mitigate Risk with CRG's 'Tableau Fortification Services'

Named Tableau India Reseller of the year, CRG Solutions has designed a unique consulting program that will help Fortify Your Tableau Footprint and secure you against various different challenges at your organization. Our Tableau experts can proactively implement best practices and robust methodologies around Tableau Security Management, Governance, Administration, Performance, Optimization, Architecture Design, Server Sizing, User Collaboration and more.

Signs Your Tableau Environment May Be At Risk

  • Have you planned Server Architecture to handle current/future workload?
  • Can you manage the growth in platform users?
  • Are you facing challenges in administration, housekeeping, server upkeep and governance?
  • Are you facing challenges during upgrade and migration of the environment?
  • Is the authorization layer in the environment optimally designed?
  • Is your landscape designed to support Agile Deployment and migration of artefacts?
  • Is your environment equiped to support self-service BI within the organization?
  • Are you able to drive user adoption/penetration of Tableau in your organization?

Tableau Fortification Services

Server Sizing

Scalability assessemnt and server load testing with optimized server sizing for increase in application performance and handling current and future workloads in terms of user interactions and data processing.

Security Model

Security assessment of the environment leading up to development of state of the art architecture designs for better controlling and managing BI projects.

Self Service BI Model

Developing self-services BI stragey before exposing the environments to business analysts, data scientists and advanced user community to avoid chaos and radical impact on the server.

Administration & Monitoring

Server housekeeping, monitoring & administrative auditing services and implemantation of improved processes and best practices for boost in the health, hygiene and governance of the environment.

Performance Optimization

Assessment of current dashboards state, data strategy definition and effective dashboard design to boost the performance of the Data Analysis.

Best Practices & Collaboration

Deploying collaboration platforms for appreciating better ROI on the existing environment, targeting higher Tableau adoption and penetrating to wider audience base within the Organization.

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