Create a seamless development workflow

Let your developers do the best work on Jira while staying connected to all teams running their work on

Get your products and services to market faster, better, and more efficiently

Seamlessly collaborate across all business units

Automate your workflows to increase efficiency

Gain real-time visibility into all of your processes and progress

Product management

Seamlessly collaborate on your product roadmap
Product managers working on can gain instant visibility into all Jira projects as they’re updated in real-time. They can visualize data such as epics, bugs, and progress in multiple different views while easily communicating with developers.

Customer support

Ensure developers work according to your customers’ needs
Customer support teams can automatically turn incoming tickets and bugs into Jira issues for developers to work on while maintaining complete visibility of the bugs’ progress and completion in

Product design

Align product designers and product developers
Designers can easily communicate with developers and see Jira requests directly on their monday boards. They can instantly share the assets they create to collaborate seamlessly on any project.

Integrate with Jira in 3 simple steps

Go to the board you want to integrate with Jira and click on the integration icon located on the upper left corner.
Find and select Jira in the Integration Center
Choose a recipe and insert your parameters and conditions

Connecting people, data, and applications in one unified workspace

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