Find All Your Data

Alteryx Connect enables you to discover and organize organizational data, so that you can spend more time unraveling new insights and collaborating over it. In other words, Alteryx empowers organizations to implement Collaborative Data Exploration Platform for Analytics .

Find Information

Better data means better decisions.
1. Use Group knowledge
2. Investigate the Entire Analytic Process
3. Find Vetted and Curated Data

Amplify Insights

Connect your colleagues to governed data and analytics.
1. Organizational Standard for Information
2. Trusted Information Assets
3. Best Information Sources for the Team

Improve Business Results

Enable the end-to-end analytic process.
1. Speak a Common Language
2. Gather Workflow Information
3. All the Problem-Solving Thrills

Experience the Power of Alteryx

Why Get Alteryx with CRG?

As an Alteryx partner, CRG empowers both technology and business users alike to drive the insights that they want to see from their data in an intuitive, code-free environment. CRG has been helping companies adopt Advanced Analytics Solutions with customised solutions and trainings.
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Customer Success Stories

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