Wholesome data is useless unless it provides decision-making insights. Tableau is a powerful tool that encourages interest and creativity with limited data exploration knowledge. Tableau’s architecture allows for seamless integration with various data sources including Microsoft Excel, text and PDF files, Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud, Dropbox, Google Sheets, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and Salesforce.
These features enhance data analysis and reporting capabilities of Tableau and with machine learning, Tableau’s capabilities have increased multi fold. This ultimately increases the power to explore and analyse data and results in effective decision making with data driven insights.

At the core, this Tableau tool utilizes the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics to navigate and interpret complex data sets. This automates the data analysis process which cannot be achieved through manual analysis. This makes it easier for industries from retail and healthcare to finance and manufacturing to leverage this Tableau’s deep insights and operational efficiencies.

Tableau offers the ease of integration, scalability and regulatory compliance and reduces disruptions, making it the most user friendly data analysis tool. Tableau’s visualization capabilities is the most important of its features. Even for those new to visually presenting data insights, Tableau comes with built-in best practices to help present information clearly and effectively. This helps in delivering data to internal and external stakeholders through eye-catching and informative reports.

Organisations can build various kinds of visual representations using Tableau from basic graphics like bar charts and line graphs to more complex ones like heat maps, scatter plots, and geography maps. This makes it easy for businesses to notice the trends or patterns.

As a Tableau Gold Partner, CRG Solutions has the experience of Business Intelligence (BI) and expertise with Tableau Software to quickly provide you with solutions that enable you to stay informed and make the right decisions. Unlock 100% potential of your raw data with us. We provide tailored solutions to your business needs.

Here is a list of Tableau products,

  1. Tableau Desktop
  2. Tableau Prep
  3. Tableau Cloud
  4. Tableau Server

And Add-Ons like Data Management, Advanced Management, Embedded Analytics

Also recently added CRM Analytics, Tableau Pulse, Tableau AI. Our experts will guide you with roadmaps and strategies for future making it easier for you to manage your data. Unlock your business insights with us with Tableau.

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