The future of big data is in cloud computing; they go hand in hand. Big Data refers to the large complex data sets that cannot be easily processed or analysed using old data analytics processes. Big data includes data that is generated from various sources and they can be structured, semi-structured and unstructured. It is known for their huge volumes, generation velocity, value, veracity and variety.

Cloud computing is an on cloud resource service technology that allows users to access and utilize services such as storage and other software applications. They are a replacement to owning and maintaining physical software and they come with a pay by use pricing strategy.

Here’s how cloud computing helps in managing big data;

  1. Data processing: Cloud computing provides various options and tools for data processing, like Google Cloud Dataproc etc. This helps in building framework for the big data, allowing users to perform complex data processing tasks. Cloud based data warehouses provide easy and scalable solutions to various questions and helps in analysing large data sets.
  2. Cost-effective: Cloud computing helps in reducing the investment as it has a pay by use structure. The operational cost involved in buying hardware and software and maintaining the same is therefore eliminated. Cost is optimized based on the usage, making it cost effective.
  3. Scalability: Big data is complex and is in huge volumes and cloud computing platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) provide flexible and scalable options. Users can increase or decrease the use of the cloud computing based on the fluctuating work requirements without altering the infrastructure investment.
  4. Accessibility and control: Today, when majority of the organizations have remote working options, cloud computing is playing a major role as it can be accessed from anywhere at any time with just an internet connection. This is allowing teams to collaborate and perform the assigned tasks remotely.

5. Storage: Cloud storage services have today entirely taken over the physical storage solutions. Storage solutions provide services with encryption, duplication and ensures data reliability and security. All of this can be easily attained without any hardware and maintenance requirements.

6. Security: Cloud computing comes with robust security systems to protect data processed and stored in cloud. Cloud computing is equipped with end to end encryption, access management and also has certifications for data confidentiality and regulatory compliant.

Cloud computing offers big data various benefits, but also presents a few key challenges. Transferring vast amount of data from cloud can be costly and expensive. Also, at times, storing sensitive data on cloud will raise security concerns. Sometimes organisations depending on single vendor for cloud storage may face vendor lock-in periods, making it rather difficult to migrate or change service provider. Furthermore, integrating and exchanging different complex data sets becomes challenging and requires a fixed protocol and standardized systems. At times, network disruptions, service outrages can become relatively serious performance bottlenecks causing losses. Also, organisations should have a back-up plan, fault tolerance system in place to mitigate service disruption risks.

Cloud computing plays a major role in big data analytics to effectively store, process and analyse vast amounts of data. When the above challenges are mitigated, cloud computing is highly advantageous to organisations. Additionally, this helps in competitor mapping and business sustainability. With continued improvements in technology, big data and cloud computing will have added features helping businesses in strategic decision making and provide easy solutions to how businesses handle large amounts of data.

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