How to Tell Great Data Stories Like a Pro

Learn how to uncover insights hidden behind mountains of data

About the Webinar


All of us are overwhelmed & overloaded with data. Data is everywhere and growing at a very rapid speed. A lot of valuable information is hidden behind these data sets. To make the most out of these huge amount of data, we must find these insights quickly so that the organizations can make timely business oriented decisions.

The information is valuable and very important and hence it deserves to be communicated well. To achieve this, “Visualization of the data” is the key, as this method has been proven to be way more efficient than scanning through huge spreadsheets or reports.

Watch this webinar to hear us discuss about the importance of Data Visualization, how it is associated with the human brain, and also discuss some best practices for creating effective visualizations, which will help communicating the information to the audience efficiently and correctly.


Sourabh Dasgupta

Head – Tableau Training Services
CRG Solutions
Sourabh is the Head of Tableau Training Services at CRG Solutions. A versatile technical expert, he has worked on multiple EDW, BI and analytics projects with clients in India, Middle East, APAC & South Africa. His training programs emphasize on discovering meaningful insights easily and quickly using Tableau. Some of his loyal clients include Deloitte, Accenture, Wipro and Cognizant.

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