With the growing importance on sustainability, it is obligatory for manufacturing companies to align their financial and environmental goals. Today’s digital transformation has unlocked many opportunities for manufacturing companies in using data analytics for sustainable practices. Data analytics in manufacturing enables cheaper and more environment friendly operational decision making.

Data analytics can help in the below prominent areas to drive sustainability in organizations

  1. Better product design to reduce cost and wastage
  2. Using sustainable raw materials
  3. Smarter green energy-based transportation
  4. Intelligent technologies with green energy to improve operational efficiency
  5. Management of the waste produced

Here are some ways to improve sustainability using data analytics:

  1. Identify problem areas: Data analytics helps in identifying poor distribution, over production etc. Inventory management is based on the trends and sales patterns helps in planning better.
  2. Improve manufacturing processes: Data analytics in manufacturing will help manufacturing companies operate and execute more efficiently. Without the need to have a large workforce, they will be able to focus more on meeting customer demands.

3. Design sustainable products: From the basic product design stage, data analytics is also used in research and development initiatives. Manufacturing data analytics helps reduce the dependence on toxic materials, save fuel and energy, reduce human health hazards, and minimize wastage, ensuring sustainable manufacturing practices. This leads to substantial environmental benefits.

4. Improve product logistics: Logistics can significantly affect business’ sustainability goals. Manufacturing data analytics will help in analyzing the various aspects of transportation such as time taken, distance covered, predictability and repeatability of the same routes. This will help in streamlining the logistics to meet the best outcomes.

5. Optimize resource consumption (energy): Manufacturing analytics helps in achieving agility, safety and sustainability. Predictive maintenance helps in reducing downtime and improve equipment efficiency.

Identifying the business problem, collecting the required data, selecting the right tools, building the right data analytics team who will then develop a data analytics roadmap, establishing the roadmap and evaluating and monitoring the process, is very important for any organization trying to achieve sustainability.

By analyzing large amounts of data, any flaws in the system can be recognized and monitored. This helps companies optimize their manufacturing processes, reduce waste and improve productivity. By using data analytics companies can reduce waste and choose less harmful solutions. This will help companies meet their environmental targets and progress towards net zero targets.

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