A no-compromise data science power that can effectively andefficiently tap into a code-free and code-friendly easy to use platform.

Build an In-House Predictive Modeling Centre of Excellence


Alteryx puts the power in the hands of business analysts and data scientists, utilize different kinds of regression analysis, neural networks, decision trees, time series modeling, ARIMA modeling or more to elevate intelligence into areas like sales and consumer trends or product and inventory forecasts. But here's the big difference―it's all visually accessible from the Alteryx Designer. Code-Free, Code-Friendly.

Complete predictive analytics capability

40+ easy to use, drag-and-drop predictive analytics tools Data investigation, traditional and modern statistical modeling, time series, and predictive grouping

R integrated

Deep visual integration with the industry standard R statistics and predictive language provides access to a total data science toolkit

Tap into predictive silos

Enables users to easily extract data from predictive tools like SPSS or SAS to incorporate into analytics workflows


Flow data in and out of advanced predictive analytics easily, and visually

Easy to customize predictive models

Leverage existing R and Python code directly into analytic processes and applications

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