Plan your marketing projects

Webinar held on 15th April 2021
In this webinar cum walkthrough session, we will introduce you to the platform while showing you how to plan strategically for your marketing team’s upcoming projects.

If you’re brand new to the platform, or are currently on your trial or are thinking of opening a trial account today, and want to use for your marketing team, this is the webinar for you!

In this session, you’ll learn about:

An introduction into how to visualize the information on your boards with board views and dashboards.

What is and how can it be used for marketing teams

Building a board for strategic planning for marketing teams

Communicating with your team in

In this webinar, learn how to use for managing social media, creative requests, campaign tracking, and email marketing!

The session will also demonstrate how to use to automate aspects of your work using our automation. You will also discover how to build a dashboard for reporting across your team’s marketing projects.

Marketing Team Solution Work OS

Marketing Testimonials

Story Worth Telling

Access the complete webinar recording on-demand and learn more about Marketing Team Solutions.

Case Study

How Genpact’s global marketing department improved cross team collaboration

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