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The Steel company solidified its position as a global leader by implementing self-service analytics with Tableau.
By adopting Tableau, they made data-driven decisions with over 250 dashboards for real-time insights. CRG Solutions’ training empowered employees to effectively use Tableau, leading to improved decision-making, operational efficiency, cost savings, data accessibility, and scalability.

About the Customer

India’s pride Steel Company with a diverse and extensive presence across various aspects of the steel industry. The company has a strong focus on sustainability, innovation, and technology, which are reflected in its wide range of products and solutions, commitment to environmental compliance, and initiatives such as sustainable mining and operational excellence. As a global leader in sustainable steel manufacturing with a presence across 26 countries, it has sought to empower employees with data-driven insights. The goal was to implement self-service analytics using Tableau for improved decision-making across departments.

Problem Statement

The Company’s soiled data, potential data quality issues, lack of user familiarity with Tableau, and the need for scalable dashboards with ongoing maintenance posed significant challenges to implementing self-service analytics. The company struggles with analytics dashboard data integration, quality, user adoption, and scalability.

Challenges include:

Data Integration: It faces major difficulty in consolidating and synchronizing data from many systems and databases. Maintaining data quality and consistency across datasets is critical. Dashboard accuracy and dependability depend on addressing data inconsistencies, duplicates, and missing values.

Training and Adoption: Teaching staff Tableau requires dedication and the ability to overcome change resistance. To maximize the benefits of self-service analytics, dashboard user adoption is required.

Scalability and Maintenance: The Company’s numerous operations and departments demand dashboards that can handle growing data volumes and future needs. Scalability and upkeep are crucial for success.


CRG Solutions, in collaboration with the Steel Company, successfully implemented over 250 dashboards across different departments. The Tableau experts delivered the dashboards within the stipulated timeline and supported the process with wireframing activities. Employees received comprehensive training on Tableau usage, enabling them to leverage the dashboards effectively. Some key dashboards implemented included:

Business Benefits

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