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A global leader in print solutions with an extensive distribution network in India and worldwide, recognized the need to optimize business processes and gain comprehensive insights across departments to empower decision-making. CRG Solutions implemented Tableau dashboards, which helped the company make data-driven decisions, enhance financial control, optimize processes, and drive overall growth and profitability.

About the Customer

Is one of the largest suppliers of print solutions with creative solutions in many industries, like software, hardware, and technology consulting etc. The firm has clients worldwide, demonstrating its global reach. To compete in technology, the corporation constantly introduces new products and services. The company needs to extract insightful data to make strategic decisions, efficient resource allocation and ensure customer satisfaction.

Problem Statement

The company’s traditional data analysis methodologies hindered financial visibility, data-driven decision-making, process optimization, financial control, resource management, financial issue resolution, and strategic planning. This, hurt their business.

They had no central data analysis system, which limited visibility across departments (sales, logistics, etc.) and their ability to make educated decisions based on actionable findings. They needed business process optimization and data-driven decision-making.

The company wanted to enhance its business processes and obtain insights from sales to logistics. Data helps discover market trends, demand patterns, and inventory management, producing more accurate business strategies. This also helps for optimal resource allocation, lowering costs, and improving efficiency. It also enhances their understanding of customer preferences and behaviour.


CRG Solutions along with the print solutions company created over 40 customized dashboards for various departments. CRG professionals trained users on Tableau to maximize solution use along with dashboard construction. Every dashboard had a Row Level of Security to protect data.

Business Benefits

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