Machine Learning in Action: From Strategy to Deployment

Is Your Team Stuck in Coding?

About the Webinar

Watch this webinar to learn how Analytics Leaders & Hands-On Analytics Professionals can prepare themselves for the next generation of Analytics to drive better outcomes.

In this webinar, you will learn how with the Alteryx code-free and code-friendly platform, organizations leverage the power of machine learning to make the make the leap to better productivity & greater impact to the business and decision making processes.

This Webinar will cover

  • Essentials skills to be a better Advanced Analytics Leader & Data Scientist
  • Quick Alteryx overview to leverage models built in R, Python
  • Recommended Learning Resources to Create a Alteryx Model


Ravi Gupta

Program Head – Advanced Analytics
CRG Solutions
Ravi has 20+ years of industry experience in leading organizations through their analytics journey. He has extensive experience in B2C & B2B businesses, such as Telecom, wherein he has worked on extensive Advanced Analytics Models such as predictive churn, predictive data dropper, Market Basket Analytics, Pricing Analytics, default prediction & also on Marketing Automaton to deliver customer engagement and revenue enhancement. He has also led data warehouse operations and development with end to end automation of processes, and intelligence driven marketing using Advanced Analytics. He is an advanced user of statistical packages namely SAS & Alteryx.

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