Upskill your Excel Skills to New-age Data Analytics

Transform your Analytics

About the Webinar

Is Excel you best friend? Are you a master when it comes to Excel based data analysis?

Perfect, it is time to upskill to new-age Data Analysis.

Watch this on-demand webinar and learn how to translate your Excel knowledge into an Alteryx tool and workflow environment. See how Alteryx streamlines the automation process so you can build your workflow once and run as needed and not have to go back and modify your spreadsheet every time you get new data. We’ll cover how to easily replicate common Excel tasks in Alteryx to improve efficiency.

You’ll learn:

  • How Alteryx removes the need to modify your process every time you get new data
  • How to do common Excel tasks in Alteryx (Formulas, Pivoting, Filtering, Lookups)

Tool sets/processes covered:

  • Input, Output, Union, Join, Formula, Select, Sort, Summarize, Browse


Ashutosh Asgaonkar

Lead – BI -Analytics & Principal Architect
CRG Solutions
Ashutosh has headed global positions in Fortune 500 companies and has vast implementation experience on Enterprise Applications like SAP ECC, SAP BW/HANA, SAP BO, Qlik, MS PowerBI, Tableau, Alteryx. He has designed BI Strategy and Enterprise Architecture for Billion $ Conglomerates.

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