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Ship better software, faster

Everything your team needs to build and deliver great software, fast.

  • Agile software development
  • Code collaboration with Git
  • Continuous customer value 
  • Reliable status communication
  • Better together                       
  • Keep your team involved

Atlassian Marketplace

Integrate, automate, customize

The Atlassian Marketplace has hundreds of integrations, plug-ins. and add-ons that help your software team build smart, not hard. Integrate with your web hosting services. Automate notifications when critical bugs arise. Customize workflows, permissions, and dashboards. And so much more.

Bring together a winning strategy

Taking a campaign from concept to launch requires several steps.

Atlassian tools help by keeping everyone up-to-date and on pace along the road to success.

Get everything set

The path from inspiration to realization of your marketing initiatives requires organized teamwork. Jira Core keeps your team informed every step of the way.

Bring it all together

Confluence is the place where your team and your stakeholders come together to create, organize, and confirm plans. Easily link together data from multiple systems so you can keep content and context in the same place


“We are using Confluence and Jira to build an agile Marketing team” —Ilya Chorny, illumina

“Our Marketing Operations team coordinates campaigns with many internal stakeholders. With Jira, our team is able to manage all aspects of the campaign, from development to delivery, and get real-time status updates.”

— Michael Kuhl, HomeAway

Solutions to keep people happy

From recruitment to onboarding and beyond, keeping employees happy and productive is what drives successful HR teams. Atlassian products help you deliver miles of smiles.

Bring sanity to onboarding

Employee relationships start even before they’re hired. Jira Core enables HR teams to manage a candidate pipeline and move people from ‘resume received’ to ’employed’ with ease.

Publish your policies

Easily create, publish and organize information that employees need like benefits, CEO updates, and the corporate policy on bringing dogs to work (unless you’re more of a cat company). No coding skills required.

Tools to smooth your operations

Operation managers need tools that enable them to communicate, standardize, track, measure, and collect insights. Good news, we’ve built those tools.

Track your operations processes

Jira Core gives you X-ray vision into your business so you know what’s happening, who’s involved, and most importantly, when it will be done. Hidden blockers are hidden no more.

Publish standards and share documentation

Create, publish, share, and maintain operations documents with ease. Have lots of documentation locked in files that are hard to share and update? Adding the file to a Confluence page makes it simple to add context and share with others.


“The biggest benefit of consolidating our platform on Atlassian products has been providing a single point of visibility over our projects. Now we can see what everybody else is doing, and understand each project’s status in great detail.”

— Daniele Farnedi, CTO, Trulia

Build the new shape of IT

Deliver better service, resolve issues faster, and drive more business value in your organization.

Make service management simple and responsive

Take a modern, lean approach to ITSM with Jira Service Desk. Get started in just days with everything your IT team needs out-of the box, including automation, SLAs, and ITIL-certified processes. Link Jira Software so your IT and developer teams can now collaborate on a single platform.

Manage and track incidents in one place

From first alert to root cause resolved, Jira Ops gives you a single place to track your incidents, kick off incident management workflows, and continuously improve processes. Finally, an efficient and consistent way to respond to every incident.

Build trust with real-time incident communication

Communicate downtime, incidents, and scheduled maintenance with Statuspage. Never reply to a “what’s the status?” email again and stay focused on the fix.

Develop a knowledge-centric support culture

Integrate Confluence, our content collaboration software, with Jira Service Desk and minimize customer tickets by turning your service desk into a self-service delight. Then centralize your IT team’s knowledge by collaborating on customer-facing FAQs, internal runbooks, and troubleshooting guides.


“Even in a large corporation, IT can provide a personal level of service to each and every employee.

The Atlassian tools provide a platform with which this vision can be achieved”.

— Rick Wacey, Service Owner, IT Support at Spotify

Tools for modern finance teams

Finance professionals choose Atlassian products to manage workflows, communicate in real-time, and share results with consistency and speed.

Manage your financial reporting process

Jira Core is used by some of the biggest financial firms on the planet to manage all kinds of processes like purchasing or quarterly reporting. Jira Core allows you to set your process, include all your approvers, and maintain visibility from start to finish.

Discuss that spreadsheet

Get the discussion about the 3 year CAPEX plan out of email and onto a Confluence page where you can quickly share context and collect comments. Permissions make it trivial to manage access to information, so that M&A document is on lock-down.


“Unlike email, Confluence creates permanent records that are easy to follow.

When you’re in a distributed work environment that becomes a big issue.”

— Jamie Thingelstad, CTO, DowJones

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