Artificial Intelligence and the Analyst

Redefining roles in the age of augmented analytics

Explain Data helps accelerate your analytics by leveraging the power of AI to explain specific points in your data. Based on advanced statistical models, you are presented with a focused set of explanations, so you avoid spending time chasing answers that aren’t there.

Go far beyond general trends to get answers to your targeted questions. Explain Data provides focused, interactive explanations as Tableau vizzes for the specific data points you are interested in. Dive deeper into an explanation all while staying in your analytical workflow.

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The vision of artificial intelligence (AI) portrayed in the media is that it will displace humans and completely automate decision making. In today’s reality, machines actually act as assistants, augmenting, not replacing human understanding or judgment. With all the hype around AI, it is easy to lose sight of how machine learning has already transformed the way we work, particularly in the realm of data analytics.

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