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With so Many variables can impact product demand, yield, reliability, and manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to optimize processes. Fortunately, today’s production environments supply an abundance of data that analysts can use to reveal important insights, but only if the data can be effectively combined and analyzed.

Alteryx allows manufacturing analysts to identify and examine critical industry trends by prepping and blending all data, creating predictive models, and sharing business insights. With self-service data analytics from Alteryx, you can:

Generate accurate forecasts

for individual SKUs and their components, linking production to customer demand

Identify patterns and relationships

in processes to have the greatest impact on production yield

Boost productivity with smarter data analytics

by adapting and creating new review dashboards based on advanced, data-driven insights – and operate more efficiently

Predict how changes in product pricing, packaging and production processes

will impact customer sentiment and demand

Analyze repair data using predictive models

to decrease unscheduled maintenance and warranty claims due to faulty components

Ensure more uptime and smoother operations

by detecting patterns that lead toward failure of manufacturing equipment

Digital Transformation in manufacturing

Leverage innovations like the Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud to implement predictive maintenance, track orders in real time, and more


FMCG – Leadership in the FMCG sector requires deep insights into customers, products and geography. Manufacturers and their retail partners must work together to locate and profile their best customers, and then get those products to them through the right channels Seasonality, channel conflict, and changing demographics all require deep analytics, faster than traditional solutions can deliver.

Analysts in FMCG organizations can take advantage of all of the data available to them including Point of Sale (POS), Retail Floor Space Management (RFSM), demographics, and marketing data to drive critical decisions across departments.

Business leaders can confidently make strategic merchandizing decisions

across multi-channel networks with detailed predictive analytics

Merchandising managers and analysts can

rapidly bring together the specific dataset they need in minutes

IT leaders reduce the backlog of request for

new data and analytics, while automating repetitive data tasks


Whether you are a wireless, wireline, or cable network operator, the customer is king. From retaining existing customers to acquiring new subscribers from your competitors, competitive advantage in the fast-moving communications market is all about customer satisfaction and network modernization.

CRG can help communications companies prepare, blend and analyze massive amounts of business and engineering data from their Business Support Systems (BSS) and Operational Support Systems (OSS), with third-party demographic, firmographic, and geospatial data to provide actionable insights about customers, equipment and locations. With self-service data analytics from CRG, you can:

Acquire new customers

by preparing, blending and analyzing customer demographic and competitive contract data

Reduce churn

by blending and analyzing interaction data to identify high-risk customers and proactively offering personalized promotions

Define and optimize 4G deployment

plans based on where your most profitable customers work and live

Improve network performance

by accurately predicting service requirements and prioritizing network upgrades based on revenue potential

Strategically expand market reach

by assessing potential acquisitions based on existing network assets and desired customer targets

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