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The company, which has a significant presence in industries such as infrastructure, energy, logistics, agribusiness, and others, required people analytics to enhance its human resource management and decision-making processes.
The dashboard provides timely and accurate insights into employee-related metrics. The dashboard improved business impact, operational efficiency, risk management, and cost savings, aligning with the company’s vision of becoming a data-driven organization.

About the Customer

A leading conglomerate in India, operating in various sectors, has a significant presence in industries such as infrastructure, energy, logistics, agribusiness, and others.

The company recognized the importance of data-driven insights to make informed decisions regarding their human capital. However, they faced challenges in collecting and analyzing employee-related data. To overcome these challenges, the enterprises implemented a business intelligence (BI) solution in the form of a people analytics dashboard.

Problem Statement

The enterprises faced challenges in collating and analyzing employee-related data, including difficulty in accessing and consolidating data from various sources, the inability to derive meaningful insights, a lack of a centralized platform for data visualization, and a limited ability to track and address employee concerns and attrition. These were some of the challenges given the strong track record of successful projects, commitment, and contribution to the Indian economy.

The objective is to assess the effectiveness of the People Analytics Dashboard in providing data-driven insights for recruitment, retention, performance, and development decisions.

The specific objectives include:

  • Analyzing employee-related metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • The system provides comprehensive views of employee data, including headcounts, hiring rates, separation rates, attrition rates, and other relevant metrics.
  • We are incorporating an exit survey to understand employee feedback and reasons for leaving.
  • We are streamlining data extraction, transformation, and visualization using Microsoft Power BI.


We developed the People Analytics Dashboard using Microsoft Power BI to provide comprehensive views of employee-related data, extracted from SAP and transformed into Excel sheets. Organizational goals and objectives guided the identification of key performance indicators, which included headcounts, hiring rates, separation rates, and attrition rates.

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