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The need for a US-based healthcare technology company to provide healthcare benefits to patients presented CRG Solutions with the opportunity to integrate a solution into their framework and also implement an efficient Tableau dashboard solution. We learned valuable lessons, such as the need for improved effort estimation during the sales handover process. Testing on Tableau Public revealed limitations and emphasized the importance of selecting the appropriate
platform for solution testing.

About the Customer

A healthcare technology company based in New Jersey, USA, specializing in providing innovative solutions for healthcare payers, providers, and third-party administrators. The healthcare company, with a strong focus on streamlining operations and improving patient outcomes, offers products such as the “eMedicareSync” platform for managing Medicare Advantage plans and other solutions.

The company aimed to facilitate comprehensive healthcare benefits plans across different states and counties in the USA and wanted an analytics tool integrated into their custom portal.

Problem Statement

Within the framework of a bespoke site that the healthcare company had developed for their customers, the purpose of this project was to incorporate Tableau dashboards as embedded analytics. The purpose of the dashboards was to make it easier to make a full comparison of the many healthcare benefit plans that are available in the United States across the various states and counties. The dashboards depicted key variables such as total enrolments, market share based on enrolments, competition analysis, and trends over time to provide actionable insights.


CRG Solutions successfully implemented Tableau dashboards using data stored in an MS SQL database, which contained over one million records. We developed the dashboards based on Figma design and UI wireframes, ensuring a high degree of resemblance to the intended user interface. Due to licensing limitations, we conducted testing on Tableau Public.

The implemented Tableau dashboards demonstrated high-quality UI/UX and accurate data representation, reestablishing the client’s confidence in Tableau as the preferred technology for delivering the solution. The successful implementation resulted in a two-month extension of the service contract. CRG Solutions actively collaborated with the client, providing design recommendations and working closely with testing teams to enhance dashboard quality and usability. As a result, the client sought additional assistance from a UI/UX expert to simplify integrated designs within Tableau.

The other valuable learnings were:

Improve the process of estimating the amount of effort required, making sure that the sales handover includes all of the relevant facts.

When testing the solution, it is important to select the suitable platform, considering the constraints that Tableau Public presents.

The successful implementation of the Tableau dashboard solution provided an overall demonstration of the company’s dedication to improving healthcare operations and providing excellent value to their customers.

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