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The implementation of 15+ Tableau dashboards enhanced customer service and operational efficiency for this private sector bank. These dashboards enabled KPI monitoring, timely actions, and process improvements. The UI/UX team’s wireframes aided future designs and insights. The bank now has a data analytics framework that empowers exceptional customer service and operational excellence.

About the Customer

A leading private sector bank in India formed by the merger is known for its commitment to social responsibility and philanthropy. Being in the financial services sector, it was important to address customers directly and enhance customer service and operational efficiency.

Problem Statement

The primary objective was to enhance customer experience and accountability within the Customer Service Department. The bank aimed to track and monitor query resolution.

The following were some of the challenges they faced:

Data Integration: One of the biggest challenges was integrating data from multiple sources within the bank. Consolidating data from different systems and ensuring its accuracy and reliability required careful planning and coordination.

Data Quality: Ensuring data quality and addressing data inconsistencies, duplicates, and missing values to ensure that the dashboards provided accurate and reliable insights.

Change Management: It was important to educate and train the bank employees on Tableau usage and the benefits of data-driven decision-making. Overcoming resistance to change and ensuring user adoption of the new dashboards posed a challenge.

Scalability: Given the bank’s size, operations, and growth, it was critical to think about how to support scalability. It must handle increasing data volumes, accommodate new business requirements, and continue monitoring and updating.


CRG Solutions implemented over 15 dashboards for various departments within the bank’s Customer Service Department. The Tableau experts not only delivered the dashboards within the defined timeline, but they also created wireframes and provided training to bank employees on Tableau usage. The dashboards covered key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to each department, allowing users to monitor and analyze data efficiently.

The key dashboards included the SR Ageing Dashboard, the Overall SR Ageing Dashboard, the SR Ageing Dashboard (Closed), the CDC (Customer Data Center), and the Branch Dashboard. The solutions addressed data integration, which required consolidating data from multiple sources. It ensured data quality by addressing inconsistencies, duplicates, and missing values.

Improved Query Resolution: The SR Ageing Dashboards enabled the Customer Service Department to track the status of service requests (SRs) and monitor the resolution process. Key metrics, such as count of SRs, beyond TAT (turnaround time), within TAT, and SR aging, provided insights into query resolution efficiency.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency: The CDC Dashboard facilitated monitoring of key performance indicators related to call center operations, such as IVR resolution rate, repeat calls, service level, and average handle time. This allowed the department to optimize processes and take timely actions.

Branch Performance Tracking: The Branch Dashboard provided insights into sales, revenue, deposits, withdrawals, and performance metrics, enabling better decision-making and performance evaluation at the branch level.

Building capacity: We educated and trained the bank employees on a new tool, which boosted their confidence and productivity.

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