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India’s leading credit information company with a core mission of promoting financial literacy and inclusion, plays a pivotal role in the Indian financial landscape, serving as a trusted resource for diverse stakeholders.

CRG Solutions through the Pareto analysis-based solution, successfully optimized the product marketing strategies, enhancing business growth through data-driven decision-making.

About the Customer

India’s foremost credit information company is renowned for its comprehensive data and insights that empower banks, financial institutions, and non-banking financial companies to make informed credit decisions and manage risk.

The credit information company needed to gain insights into customer segments and optimize product marketing strategies across various industries.

Problem Statement

The company’s services extend to providing credit reports, scores, and analytics that facilitate lending decisions and help individuals and businesses navigate the complexities of the credit ecosystem. In order to identify important customers who are responsible for the majority of product sales, the company conducted an analysis of its client base across a wide range of product offerings. The goal was to improve product marketing tactics across a variety of businesses by gaining in-depth knowledge of different client segments.


CRG Solutions suggested using Pareto analysis and the 80/20 rule to deduce that 20% of customers likely contributed to 80% of product sales. CRG Solutions developed a user-friendly crosstab report featuring product names and the number of customers driving 80% of sales, implementing multiple calculations based on window and table calculations.

The implemented report enabled the company to identify the most profitable products and pinpoint the customer segments driving 80% of their sales. Armed with these insights, the product team could strategize and develop targeted offerings for other customer segments, ultimately increasing sales for identified products and facilitating the creation of new products tailored to the needs of high-contributing customers.

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