Data driven business decisions are vital for businesses, and if it is made instantly it is even better. Cloud-native Business Intelligence (BI) solutions help companies take data-driven instant business decisions. These solutions give a certain flexibility and scalability, hence adapting them is an important step to futuristic organizations. Cloud-native BI solutions are designed to work in cloud environments and with this companies do not have to invest in buying and maintaining costly physical infrastructure. These solutions take full advantage of cloud capabilities to provide robust, scalable and flexible analytics that grow with the business needs, unlike the traditional BI tools that are hosted on local servers.  

 Here’s how cloud-native BI solutions can help businesses succeed. 

  1. Scalability: One of the advantages of cloud-native BI solutions is their ability to scale. When data needs increase suddenly or grow slowly over a period of time, these tools can adjust to the changes and provide the right amount of resources when needed. This helps in avoiding performance issues and keeps costs in control as you pay for what you use. As businesses expand the amount of data, the data they need to analyse also increases. Cloud-native BI solutions can manage large datasets providing the insights you need. Therefore, handling big data becomes an easy task. 
  1. Flexibility: Access from anywhere! With just an internet connection, one can access data and analytics tools from anywhere. This helps teams working remotely or companies with employees in various locations. It makes sure everyone is on the same page and also able to make informed decisions. These solutions also easily integrate with other cloud-based apps and services. This means that you can create a seamless environment where all the tools work together. 
  1. Cost Efficiency: Cloud-native BI solutions work on a pay-as-you-go model. This means you avoid large advance costs and pay only for the resources that you actually

use. Companies can reduce the need for large IT teams to manage these BI systems. It’s a cost-effective way to manage BI needs as and when your business grows.   

  1. Enhanced Collaboration: Cloud-native BI solutions allow multiple users to access and work on the same data at the same time. This real-time collaboration can speed up the decision-making process and also ensure that everyone has the up-to-date information. They have features such as shared dashboards and commenting, which makes it easier for teams to work together on data projects.
  1. Security and Compliance: Cloud-native BI service providers provide advanced security features such as data encryption, multi-factor authentication and strong security features. These solutions are designed to meet and follow the set industry standards, legal and govt. regulations. These measures help protect business data from threats.

Important aspects of cloud-native in the MES (Manufacturing Execution System) sector: 

  1. Micro services: These approaches are developed as a batch of small independent services that perform specific tasks and are easily scalable.
  2. Containerization: It helps by allowing operating and managing each component of MES in segregation for easy deployment and scalability
  3. DevOps: The merger of development and operations promotes faster execution and allows constant improvement of MES systems.
  4. Automated management: Planning and automation tools help manage MES applications to maximize efficiency.

Cloud-native BI solutions provide numerous benefits in scalability, flexibility, cost efficiency, collaboration and security. By adapting these solutions, businesses can improve their data analytics capabilities, respond effectively to challenges and drive results. Cloud-native BI is an important tool for staying competitive in business and achieving long-term success. 

Maximize business value with CRG Solutions! Connect with us to learn how Cloud-Native BI Solutions can help you rise above the sea of data to bring clarity, precision, and excellence to your business strategies.  

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