Alteryx Hands-on Workshop


Date:- to be announced

Join us for this free hands-on workshop for new and potential Alteryx users to test drive a modern alternative to the repetitive data prep and blending tasks you do using brittle spreadsheets and SQL code.

You will construct your first repeatable analytic workflow, and see how tasks that currently take multiple hours or days every week can be automated and completed in seconds, leaving more time for other projects.
Perform Predictive, statistical, & spatial analytics Using an intuitive user Interface, without writing code.

Why should you attend?

Learn how you can:

  • Connect to and cleanse data
  • Easily join data from multiple sources
  • Perform predictive, statistical, and spatial analytics
  • Build repeatable workflows with no coding

See how you can transform your business, and get time back in your day, with Alteryx. Register today!

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