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The consulting company needed insights into hiring patterns to help make data-driven decisions, enhance workforce planning, and address any deficits or challenges with the hiring process, ultimately building a skilled and diverse workforce.

The CRG Solutions dashboard enhances visibility, cost optimization, planning, and strategy. Using data analytics, it increased hiring performance and linked consulting tactics with company goals.

About the Customer

A renowned global organization known for its diverse range of professional services, including audit, consulting, tax, and advisory services, serves multinational corporations and government agencies to provide innovative solutions and insights to complex business challenges.

It was crucial for the company to understand hiring patterns to ensure an effective and efficient talent acquisition strategy.

This hiring data and patterns within specific functions, such as consulting, can help to identify areas for improvement, optimize recruitment processes, and align hiring strategies with organizational goals.

Problem Statement

The objective was to analyze the hiring patterns within the consulting function and identify reasons for deficits in the specified function. During the dashboard’s development, the team encountered several challenges.

Feasibility: Ensuring the feasibility of integrating and analyzing large amounts of data from various sources within the organization was a significant challenge. It required careful planning and coordination to ensure the accuracy and availability of the data.

Changing Requirements: As the project progressed, there were changes in requirements and additional KPIs identified by stakeholders. Adapting to these evolving requirements while maintaining the project timeline and deliverables posed a challenge.

Data Privacy and Security: Protecting sensitive data while providing relevant access to authorized users was a critical challenge. Implementing adequate data privacy and security measures, including row-level security, was necessary to ensure the confidentiality of employee information.


To address the objective, the CRG Solutions team proposed a single dashboard that encompassed various key performance indicators (KPIs). Each KPI had its own dedicated dashboard, providing granular-level data for analysis. The KPIs included gender-wise bifurcation of hired candidates, hiring data based on service areas and lines, full-time versus contract employees, infant attrition, hiring data based on location, hiring trends month-wise, and information on specified candidates based on designation. The dashboard included filters to compare data for the last two years, and users could explore different filters to identify hiring issues and trends.

The dashboard provided valuable insights into the consulting function’s hiring patterns. It enabled the team to identify the organization’s hiring patterns and deficits. Additionally, the dashboard allowed for the tracking of expenses associated with each hire, providing a holistic view of hiring costs.

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