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At Corporate Renaissance Group (CRG) we have designed various “Tableau Training Programs” which enables users to get up to speed on concepts of data visualization with a firm understanding of Tableau Architecture. Our training programs help organizations to build a solid foundation on Tableau, which enables them to utilize the maximum benefits of the Product.

Our Training programs consist of:

  • Onsite coaching using structured content and methodology, along with Intense hands on to accelerate the learning process.
  • We also provide Tailored Training Programs to addresses client’s specific business needs. These type of training enables users to relate the technology to their jobs. While the core product training covering the standard functionalities and content may still be included, the course may be adapted or designed to use real data and scenarios from the business environments to address specific requirements.

Our Training programs are designed for enthusiasts who want to develop their skills on building dashboards and perform visual analysis using Tableau Desktop application. We have also designed training programs which are specifically for systems architects and the IT who want to understand and learn various aspects of Tableau server implementation, configuration and administration.

Our trainers are Tableau Accredited & Tableau Qualified Associates with many years of teaching experience.

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