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Regardless of what stage of growth you’re in, Jira Software, Bitbucket and the Atlassian developer suite will enable your teams to release higher quality software, faster.

The preferred software tools of over 50,000 startups worldwide

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Built for small businesses

Managing a small business with limited resources and budget is a huge challenge. You need happy employees and happier customers to achieve extraordinary results. That’s why putting service at the heart of your growing business is so important. But you can’t deliver amazing service without the right tools. You need something you can get up and running easily, but that will also scale with your business. You need Jira Service Desk – help desk software built for small businesses.

The preferred tools for over 20,000 growing teams worldwide

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Enterprises are built on teams

Successful enterprises can no longer be unchangeable, rigid machines—they’re the ultimate team of teams. And it’s important to embrace the needs of each team while also providing the support, security, and infrastructure to accelerate growth.

Teams are the key to an organization’s success and we empower them to do their best work. Learn how you can scale with confidence, simplify unnecessary complexity, and move your business forward with Atlassian.

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