Live Data Workout: Moderninzing Finance

Transitioning from Excel Reporting to Today’s Analytics

Date: 17 June, 2020 | Time : 11:00 - 13:00 IST

True, spreadsheets are a mainstay in almost every organization and working with data in Excel can be simple. But it can also be challenging and time-consuming, especially when working with multiple sources and formats of data. And as organizations grow, so does the data, and relying on spreadsheet-based tools like Excel for heavy data preparation, blending, and analysis can be cumbersome and unreliable.

Join us online on Wednesday, 6th May 2020, for the hands-on, live data workout to experience the efficiency of self-service analytics and unleash the productivity and make more informed decision-making, while transforming months of work into matter of hours.

Join this Live Workshop to discover how to:

Automate time consuming, manual and repetitive excel data tasks

Deliver real-time, forward-thinking insights to the business, quickly

Identify broken or inefficient data processes

Liberate your time, unleash your Productivity through Work-Flow based data analysis

“It has been an amazing transition for my team to start using Alteryx – to go from manual, tedious, cumbersome processes where we still didn’t have insight into the data to a world where we have self-service analytics.”

-Dawn Rinehart, Total Cost of ownership Manager at Daimler Trucks

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