Discover how healthcare industry better addresses the COVID-19 crisis with the help of hyperautomation

We all agree we are in uncertain times and at UiPath, we are extending our hand to support to you and your organisation. We are offering people and technology to get things done.

Accuracy and speed remains extremely important as Healthcare organizations prepare for patient volumes whether it’s through intake of testing appointments, advanced reporting or adjudicating the growing backlog of claims.

Over the past few weeks we have worked with hospitals across the industry to help automate processes so they can address the COVID-19 crisis better.

Managing the volume of test appointments:

When one of the Largest Hospitals in the USA was struggling to get the 6000 test appointments per day scheduled in EPIC real time, UiPath partnered to deploy an attended robot within in 24 hrs that intakes the scheduled data and accurately creates the appointment in EPIC.

Reporting infectious disease to health agencies:

When the hospital in the most populated region of Ireland needed a way to manage the reporting of infectious disease to the government real time, UiPath partnered to automate the 99 step process giving clinicians back 2 hours a day and rendering reporting real time.

Monitoring patient and employee health virtually:

When a Northeast hospital system was looking for a quick and accurate way to health screen employees and patients at home, UiPath partnered to fully automate the process while integrating their current communication channel technology.

Learn more about these cases and explore other automation demos specifically designed for healthcare.

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