Tableau Data Visualization Workout

Hands-on Data Visualization Workout Experience

Date: 23rd July, 2020 | Time: 15:00 – 16:30 IST
People see and understand data, reports and dashboards faster through Tableau’s unique, easy-to-use visual analytics technology. They discover key trends and outliers that would otherwise be impossible to find using typical business intelligence solutions. Because they’re in the driver’s seat, they work 10 to 100 times faster with Tableau. They can share web-based dashboards, reports and graphics with a few clicks. The result of Tableau’s rapid-fire, interactive business intelligence? Better decisions made faster. New opportunities identified. Revenue increased. Costs saved. Company value improved.

Who should attend?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, this data workout session is for you:

Do you want to know how people in your role and organizations in your industry use Tableau?

Are you interested in how to get started with Tableau?

Do you want to learn more about the latest advances in data visualization and business intelligence?

Have you tried Tableau in some capacity in the past and are now interested in doing more?

In this workout session you will learn

Connect to your data

Learn all about the Start page and how to connect to your data.

Drag and drop to take a first look

Get to know the Tableau workspace, learn the language of Tableau, and start examining your data.

Focus your results

Ask deeper questions and use additional tools to refine your views and gain insights about your data.

Explore your data geographically

Learn how to plot your data on a map to see if you can spot any trends.

Build a dashboard to show your insights

Learn how to build and format a dashboard to display the visualizations you created.

Share your findings

Share your findings with your organization on Tableau Server or Tableau Online

At the end

Now that you’re a Data Rockstar, enable everyone to be data driven

What you will need to attend the Data Workout?

Note: Please ensure to download the Desktop trial prior to the Data Workout session.



Sourabh Dasgupta
Head of Tableau Training Services
CRG Solutions

Sourabh is the Head of Tableau Consulting &Training Services at CRG Solutions. A versatile technical expert with over 19 years of work experience. He has worked on multiple EDW, BI and analytics projects with clients in India, Middle East, APAC & South Africa. His training programs emphasize on discovering meaningful insights easily and quickly using Tableau. Some of his loyal clients include Deloitte, Accenture, Wipro and Cognizant.


Iravati Abhyankar
Principal BI Consultant
CRG Solutions

Iravati is the Tableau and Alteryx Consultant & Trainer at CRG Solutions. A technical resource with over 25 years of work experience. She has been a software developer using various Languages and Database platforms. Past 10 years, her focus has been Business Intelligence with Data Warehousing, ETL and Presentation tools. Her training programs help the attendees realize and appreciate the ease of use and applicability in their respective scenarios.

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