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Safeguarding Privacy and Security in Atlassian Cloud

Webinar held on 03rd February, 2022
While more and more organizations are looking to adopt cloud solutions to future proof their business, the security and compliance of these solutions continue to be a crucial element of their success. In order to meet the ever-evolving compliance demands of GDPR and other regulatory standards, you need to ensure your data is secure.

Join Atlassian Experts in security, privacy and compliance exclusive walk through of the fundamentals of how Atlassian tackles user data, security and privacy of Atlassian cloud products and how we enable you to stay compliant. 

Join us for a webinar on February 03rd to learn How Atlassian Cloud products achieve privacy, security, and compliance. 

During this webinar you will:

Atlassian’s commitment to data privacy and approach to keeping the products secure in the cloud

How is Atlassian meeting regulatory demands across the globe

How to enhance security & improve processes for Atlassian cloud products

Advice on cloud migration and putting together a security strategy

How other Customers are keeping their Company data safe in the Cloud


Deepthi Aynumpudi
Technical Account Manager, Atlassian

Deepthi’s mission is to support and guide large Enterprises through their digital transformation and scaling challenges using her in-depth knowledge of Atlassian Enterprise toolset and industry best practices. Leveraging her extensive experience in roles ranging from Operations to Agile Project management, from consulting to solution engineering, Deepthi has been tightly working with enterprise customers to guide and support them through the adoption of Agile and ITSM practices.


Amrut Bhonsle
Head of Customer Success Presales & Delivery, CRG Solutions

Amrut is an ALM & Agile tools expert with 15+ years experience. An evangelist for Atlassian products, Amrut understands customer pains and gains and develops solutions based on these results. With an in-depth understanding of Atlassian Ecosystem, dynamic and Business intelligence in the domain, he is a Process Consultant and Change Facilitator for Agile and DevOps for Atlassian implementation.

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