Leveraging predictive analytics is a high priority for most analytics teams. Now that you have great data, learn how to leverage the power of Alteryx to build predictive models effortlessly, using the simple drag-and-drop interface together with our advanced analytics capabilities. NO EXPERIENCE? NO PROBLEM.

In this Data Workout Session, you will discover how to:

  • Wrangle the data easily with a single platform to prepare, blend, and analyze data
  • Upskill existing talent with code-free and code-friendly, drag-and-drop analytics platform
  • Apply predictive analytics to data sets in a simple and reliable way, using some tools out of the 40+ easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools
  • Utilize predictive analytics tools for powerful insight including regression analysis, ARIMA modeling, and more, to elevate intelligence into areas such as sales and consumer trends or product and inventory forecasts
  • Leverage existing R and Python code directly into analytic processes and applications

Transform Data into Future Insights with Alteryx

More and more companies are incorporating Predictive Analytics into their data strategies, and demand for employees with these skills is growing massively. Analytics can definitely serve as a stabilizer across all industries and verticals, as Predictive Analytics offers a unique opportunity to identify future trends and allows organizations to act upon them. Especially in turbulent times, good information, good data and the capacity to derive good decisions with analytics are more critical than ever. But without the algorithms, all you will see is a bunch of complex data, rows after rows, mentioning codes or names, which will not only lead you anywhere but are also highly complex to understand.

The Good News is . . .

Independently performing core predictive analytics no longer requires niche tools, R-coding, or specialized skills. So, wouldn’t you want to tackle sophisticated analytical tasks, and be empowered with the right platform to enhance your sustainability in this competitive world ? Do join this session, and find out how!


Ravi Gupta

Ravi Gupta

Program Head – CRG Solutions,
(Advance Analytics)
Ravi is a highly motivated and results-oriented leader with over twenty years of experience in Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Marketing Operations, Product Management, & Customer Life Cycle Management. He has proven track record on delivering results to the organizations and stakeholders using effective defined methodologies to ensure process compliance with regular audit and has assisted in defining and implementing several system enhancements.
Kunal Mishra - Speaker

Kunal Mishra

Solution Consultant – CRG Solutions
(Certified Alteryx Partner, Designer Core and Designer
Advance, Certified Automation Anywhere Expert)
Kunal has multiple years of work experience spanning across multiple domains like Telecom, Secondary Data Research, Retail, and others.  At CRG Solutions he provides consultancy in the space of Business Intelligence and Advance Analytics to Enterprises across India.  His expertise emphasises in understanding customer queries, identifying important KPIs from business users and enabling organizations to solve their bottleneck during the advance analytical journey. He uses his technical expertise in data strategy, advance analytics, and data visualization to manage and support enterprise accounts in technical aspects helps customers achieve their data strategy.
“AI adopters could potentially double their cash flow by 2030, while non-adopters might experience a 20% decline.”

– DMcKinsey Global Institute

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