Have you heard terms like?

Data-driven Organization

Talking Data Language

Read through the Data

And often wondered what those really mean?
Everyone speaks Data Language these days, and you don’t want to be left out of the conversation. Look no further, CRG is at your side. We can help you understand and apply these terms confidently and convincingly to get ahead in competition.

In the current digital age, everyone must be aware of data. Data Literacy program not only helps bring awareness, but also builds comprehension and understanding. We promise to enable Data Literate employees for organizations to thrive in the current data economy.

How we can help?

A one-day program will take you down this path. The 1-day course is for everyone who wishes to be Data Literate. There are no prerequisites for this course. All levels of skillsets are welcome.

An introductory session of half an hour is arranged free of cost for sharing program details and clarify your queries regarding the program.

What to expect?

A preliminary assessment about your requirement

A completely customizable program to address your needs

What will you learn?

Data is the new 'Oil'

Moving towards Data-driven Culture

New language called 'Data'

How to speak Data?

What is 'Data Literacy'?

Why 'Data Literacy' is Important?

CRG’s 'Data Literacy' Program Details

After attending the Data Literacy Training Program, you will be able to optimally utilize the data at your disposal and ask the right questions off it to take the right decisions.



Sourabh Dasgupta
Head of Tableau Training Services
CRG Solutions

Sourabh is the Head of Tableau Consulting &Training Services at CRG Solutions. A versatile technical expert with over 19 years of work experience. He has worked on multiple EDW, BI and analytics projects with clients in India, Middle East, APAC & South Africa. His training programs emphasize on discovering meaningful insights easily and quickly using Tableau. Some of his loyal clients include Deloitte, Accenture, Wipro and Cognizant.

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