Building Predictive Models Is Hard Work,
Deploying Them Shouldn't Be.

Deploy Predictive Models in a jiffy.

With Alteryx Promote, data analytic teams deploy predictive models easily & quickly by eliminating the need to recode models for real-time application consumption. Data scientists deploy their custom R and Python models as-is while citizen data scientists can deploy advanced analytics code-free from Alteryx Designer.



  • Code-Friendly Model Deployment
  • Code-Free Model Deployment
  • Application Ready


  • Model Management
  • Model Versioning
  • Maximize Availability


  • Model Performance
  • System Health Overview

Experience the Power of Alteryx

Why Get Alteryx with CRG?

As an Alteryx partner, CRG empowers both technology and business users alike to drive the insights that they want to see from their data in an intuitive, code-free environment. CRG has been helping companies adopt Advanced Analytics Solutions with customised solutions and trainings.

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